Since 1873, Dietiker based in Stein am Rhein has manufactured Swiss quality seating solutions for the Healthcare, Conference and Hospitality markets. Together with renowned designers, the company has developed numerous design classics and product innovations and is still writing international design history today. With more than a century of know-how and a spirit of design, Dietiker takes a step into the future both as a family company creating tomorrow’s traditions with passion and with a commitment to customers and employees.


Customers first – Dietiker is committed to offer the best service to its customers with a family spirit. We are dedicated to develop and offer reliable solutions that meet the highest expectations of our customers.

Swiss excellence – Swiss quality is a passion for perfection. Dietiker stands for excellence by creating products manufactured in the highest standards of Swiss quality. Our employees all share a passion for quality, with an unmistakable sense of excellence, good design, and perfection to the finest detail.

Creating tomorrow’s traditions – Dietiker’s heritage and know-how as well as spirit of innovation is at the heart of our company and products. Dietiker has always valued innovation, authenticity and the making of unique products that offer better solutions for the future. Dietiker is today driven by a spirit of excellence, entrepreneurship and internationalism.

Acting responsibly – Dietiker takes seriously its environmental responsibilities and applies high ethical standards from conception, to production to the delivery of products and services. It is part of our philosophy to act ecologically and ethically. All our materials are carefully selected and we act responsibly to both employees and customers. As manufacturers of long lasting solutions, we believe timeless products are key to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.