Stein am Rhein, May 2023


To fully embrace sustainability as a manufacturer, it has to start at the design process. With the circular economy becoming the only way to produce and consume in a way that is more considerate toward our fragile environment, Dietiker is once again leading the way in furniture manufacturing by continuing to produce quality and timeless furniture that can serve and look new for more than one generation. Sustainable furniture design is no longer an option, but a way for the environment, manufacturers, and consumers to coexist and work together towards a sustainable future.

Stein am Rhein, March 2019


The Felber Collection is now ready for the outdoors. Just in time for spring, the successful Felber range is supplemented with the «Outdoor Collection». The indoor innovative family which is the first and only chair that allows you to mix and match between different versions of backs, seats and frames was the perfect basis for the outdoor family. Thanks to the robust powder coating, the chairs and tables are resistant to wind and variating weather conditions. The «Felber Outdoor Collection» is available in five selected colours of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier and Arik Levy collection.

Stein am Rhein, November 2018


The audience chose Dietiker’s installation «A Day at the Pool» at this year’s Designers’ Saturday. An underwater world made up of bubbles, springboards and swimming lanes was staged, in which the iconic furniture of Switzerland’s oldest chair manufacturer seems to float lightly and weightlessly. Already at the last Biennale Dietiker was awarded the DS Gold Award.

Stein am Rhein, November 2016

D’S Award: Gold for Dietiker

Dietiker stays at the forefront of the design scene: at Designers’ Saturday in Langenthal, the oldest chair manufacturer in Switzerland proves it can keep reinventing itself. The swinging chairs in the «Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier» were rewarded by winning the D’S Gold Award. The poetic installation in a fall atmosphere of the Swiss Design Studio SDS was the magnet for the public of this year’s biennale.

Stein am Rhein, June 2016

When icons meet

Chair manufacturer Dietiker cooperates with «Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier»
Nine of the 63 shades of the Polychromie Architecturale of «Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier» have now been selected for the Dietiker product families, including iconic furniture like the chair C14 from the Felber Collection. With this cooperation, the family company from Stein am Rhein expanded its products range with fascinating colours from the everlasting colour theory of the most important architects of modern times.

Stein am Rhein, July 2015

Nomen – Reinventing Retro

Nomen is the latest addition to the Oneman and Twomen family, an elegant and ultra-modern chair in white made by Dietiker – for Conference and Seminar seating «Made in Switzerland». With Nomen, Nathalie Felber, the young CEO of Dietiker, launches her 20th product within the last two years. A Swiss family company of Stein am Rhein, which has recognized the Zeitgeist and dynamically responds to the market.

Stein am Rhein, June 2015

This bench goes through fire for you

The 145 year old company Dietiker launches ERY, a lightweight and durable bench for indoors and outdoors. The design piece was developed by Swiss designer Andreas Saxer. The material – aluminium – meets the requirements of “non-combustible for escape routes in public places.” The name is inspired by the word “Air”, playing with the delicate aspect of the bench.

Stein am Rhein, October 2014

«THE FELBER COLLECTION – a tribute to Urs Felber»
A (furniture) love story

Dietiker has launched a new collection this fall: “THE FELBER COLLECTION – a tribute to Urs Felber”. The unique and truly innovative collection is a tribute from a daughter to her father, the visionary Urs Felber. The hyper-modular furniture concept enables a generation in search of ways to express its individuality, to give their creativity free reign. The initial 17 products of this uniquely innovative collection will go to market in November 2014.

Stein am Rhein, June 2014


June 12 sees the start of the world’s biggest sporting event in Brazil. While all the football fans are perched in front of their TVs, the Swiss television football experts in the SRF World Cup Studio will be sitting in Kalio lounge chairs by Dietiker. As such, 2006 not only saw prestigious Swiss designer Hannes Wettstein create a chair, but an ergonomic sculpture to sit in.So Dietiker‘s lounge chair is also firmly in the limelight of the SRF sports presentation at the 2014 World Cup – a winning goal for Kalio!

Stein am Rhein, April 2013

Dietiker presents the next generation of a classic – it’s a Rey!

Next generation of the Swiss classic from progressive designer Bruno Rey. A mini-version of the original Rey wooden chair, Rey Junior lends a cheerful dash of colour to any children‘s furnishings and offers youngsters seating in a timeless design. Rey Junior pays homage to a successful and firmly established Dietiker product and simultaneously expands the portfolio to include children’s furniture. Two matching children’s tables are also being launched simultaneously.

Stein am Rhein, April 2013

Klassik trifft auf Moderne – 140 Jahre Dietiker Möbel

Dietiker steht für Tradition und innovative Kreation. Unter der Leitung
der zweiten Generation der Familie Felber feiert das Schweizer
Möbelunternehmen sein 140-jähriges Jubiläum und blickt in eine
visionäre Zukunft.

Stein am Rhein, May 2013

Design to Care – the new Kiva chair range from Dietiker

Swiss furniture manufacturer Dietiker AG in Stein am Rhein is reinforcing its position as a leading company in the healthcare market with the launch of the new Kiva product range. The new chair line combines ergonomics, comfort and premium quality with an inviting, elegant and timelessly modern design. The chair is made of warm beech wood, has soft, smooth curves and comes with Dietiker’s Comfort Upholstery and an integrated, ergonomic handgrip. Kiva is versatile and can be used wherever a modern design solution in the healthcare sector is required: in cafeterias, dining rooms, public areas and everyday life. The concept was developed by German designer Thomas Albrecht, who has already designed various products for Dietiker AG.

Stein am Rhein, November 2012

Dietiker mit ERY von Andreas Saxer am Designers’ Saturday

Seit 1987 ist Langenthal alle zwei Jahre grosser Treffpunkt der Designer- und Architekturszene. Nationale und internationale Grössen präsentieren ihre Arbeiten und
stellen sich der Diskussion mit dem Publikum. Dietiker AG, Stein am Rhein, ist traditioneller Aussteller an dieser stark beachteten Leistungsshow. An der 14. Auflage überrascht der Sitzmöbelhersteller mit einem spektakulären skulpturalen Architekturbeitrag, der sich über ein neuartiges Bankkonzept wölbt.