Being the oldest manufacturer in Switzerland, Dietiker has  become over the year a specialist in customized solutions for chairs, lounges and tables. We collaborate on ideas and plans that we receive from our clients, architects or interior designers who, together with our experts, realize tailor-made solutions for their projects.



Dietiker supports your vision of architecture and design, with the elaboration of custom-made furniture. With over a century of experience, we study your designs in our workshops and in close cooperation with you, we develop and produce furniture – from the unique single piece to the series – that respond to your wishes and the strong quality standards that are required.


Appreciate and care for existing furniture

Used furniture does not necessarily have to be replaced. Many considerations play in favour of renovating the existing furniture you have. You might simply love your furniture, or look at it from an economical and sustainable point of view. After all, reuse is the most sustainable way to conserve resources, reduce waste and contribute to the environment. There are many possibilities to give a new life to your pieces, from a different colour to a more comfortable upholstery. From renovating a single chair to big series, our experts are here to help you and advise you.

(original equipment manufacture)

Private label solutions

With our extended wood manufacturing capabilities, Dietiker has for decades, supported those in search of developing their own unique line of furniture. You can benefit from our experience as well as engineering and manufacturing capabilities, therefore reducing your design and set up costs. If you are looking to develop aseating line, please contact our team that will be happy to support you.